01. Doctors discovered a large [mass] in Catriona's right breast during a routine examination, and have scheduled her for immediate surgery.
02. There was a [mass] protest against the government's decision to cut funding for high school music programs.
03. The only time they ever go to church is when they go to Catholic [mass] on Christmas Eve.
04. Chloe had a [mass] of papers on her desk, waiting to be marked.
05. The fire reduced his collection of old coins into a [mass] of melted metal.
06. How do you calculate the [mass] of a sphere?
07. Karl Marx once said that religion is the opium of the [masses].
08. Fiji is not one land [mass]; it is a group of more than 800 islands.
09. No matter what a star's [mass] is, it will eventually run out of usable fuels.
10. Scientists know that stars can lose [mass] because we can see [mass] streaming away from our sun.
11. Ideal Toy Company was the first company to [mass] produce teddy bears.
12. Newton estimated correctly that the earth had a [mass] of 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons, and a density of about five and a half times that of water.
13. The sun contains over 99.8 percent of the total [mass] in our solar system.
14. Japan has a larger population base, and a far bigger land [mass] than all of Great Britain.
15. A polar air [mass] brought cold weather to the region yesterday.
16. Turkey's land [mass] is unevenly divided between Europe and Asia.
17. Millions of years ago, the world was one great land [mass], which scientists today call Gondwanaland.
18. The largest [mass] of gold ever found was 82.11 kilograms in a slab of rock found in Australia in 1781.
19. For nearly 80 percent of women with breast cancer, the discovery of a [mass] or lump in the breast is the first sign that something is wrong.
20. During mating season at the end of the seasonal rains, elephants [mass] together into groups of 100-200.
21. The Himalayas mountains are simply a huge [mass] of rocks which were compressed and shoved upwards when the continent collided with Asia.
22. The typical surface of the planet earth is not our continental land [masses] but the ocean floor.
23. The extent to which German citizens knew of the [mass] murder of Jews has been a much debated issue.
24. Karl Marx believed that the [masses] of workers are exploited by a small, privileged elite, who control most of the wealth.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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